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Hosted by: Phil Sherwood

CEO + Developer, SherWare, Inc.

Well Profits was created to solve the biggest headaches our community of non-operators, investors and trust managers deal with.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Instead of staying up late or going in early to manually type production receipts line by line...

Instantly import data from your production receipts, Oildex, CDEX and other file formats

Instead of struggling with getting complex formulas correct without overwriting other cells...

Let Well Profits automatically calculate your data, giving you graphics and custom reports with the click of a button

Instead of staring at your monthly data only to wonder if what you're seeing is good or bad...

Get custom and pre-created reports to show you the trends in your investments in real-time

Instead dreading when distribution reports come on because your office will grind to a halt...

Shave 30-40 hours a month off by tracking your investments with Well Profits

Instead of being stuck at work or having to wait until you get into the office to review your numbers...

Access your data in the cloud and on the go with a platform you can login into anywhere

What You Will Learn On This Free Demo:
How to Make Sense of Your Data
See how quick you can import your investment data from all formats and see instant trends in your investments with custom and pre-created reports.
The Way to Automate Data Entry
See how to stop manually entering data every time, reducing errors and speeding up your processes -- including into your QuickBooks account.
Expedite the Year-End Tax Process
Make everyone happy from your CPA to yourself with an expedited year-end tax process with all data ready for to go without hassle.

Well Profits is for you if...

  • The amount of time data entry required to enter all the necessary line items from statements and check stubs is exhausting.
  • You’re not a finance wizard and want to configure reports in whatever format you need for tracking and analysis.
  • You want more than a surface level look at your investments with drill down reporting.
  • ​You have multiple people managing your investments in office and want to simplify the process.
  • ​You’re frustrated and anxious using Excel to manually monitor your investments.
What others think about the software: 

“If you are looking for software that is effective, efficient, concise, and powerful Well Profits is the program for your company, regardless of the number or kind of oil and gas investments. Our main concern was that the software produce ownership reports that even non-industry royalty and working owners could understand. With Well Profits, we have that and are able to track our expenses and income on a monthly and yearly basis by well and owner with much better ease than before.”

- Brian Hughes at Okie Crude Company

“I was using excel spreadsheets and it got to be too much manual labor. This is a great and economical software that performs well for the non-operator. You will be able to get all of the information for well profits and losses as well as information for your tax returns.”

Wade Cox, Wade Cox CPA

“It's so much faster than using spreadsheets and at the end of the year all the data should be in the right place for the CPA.”

- Maria Pizzo, Hyde Oil & Gas Corp.

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